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Group Rules


1. Bookings - ONLY on line via www.networkwithstyle.com
2. Cancellations - Cancellation - to cancel a place and request a refund you must cancel by midday on the Thursday
before the meeting, no later.  Cancellation must be made by e mailing rosie@networkwithstyle.com.
An admin fee of £1.50 will be deducted from the original amount.  We cannot make exceptions, please do not ask.
We can only make refunds, less admin fee, not transfer bookings to future meetings. Thank you for your understanding
and helping to keep NWS annual membership free and affordable for all.
3. Cancellation policy applies to all.
4. Members list on the website - after you have attended 3 meetings you will be invited to be listed on the website.
You must however attend 4 meetings in one year for you to remain on there. You will have a link to your own website -
it will be your responsibility to let us know of detail changes - a form will be provided when the time comes to tell you
what we need to get your listing on the site.  This will normally happen with in 28 days of your providing the information
in the correct format.  We cannot be held responsible for any acts of piracy on the site, or the acts of any third party.  
Your information is taken in good faith and it is your responsibility in full to ensure any graphics or text is yours to use
now and in the future, we will not be held liable if this is not the case and any third parties copyright or rights are
affected.  We act in good faith.
5. We do not guarantee to supply any items or services to members.  What is provided may change without notice
6. We make no restrictions on industry but we do say no more that 2 at any meeting from same organisation doing
same job and for those in employment we need to have decision maker's not junior staff.  This to ensure the
group is mixed and of value to everyone.
7. Always bring business cards which we are happy to store, within reason, so you will be represented each meeting,
even if your not there.  We will not continue to put out your cards out if you have missed more than 2 meetings in a row.  
You can bring a few flyers and a tiny sample of merchandise but we cannot store or be responsible for those so you
must take them home after each meeting.  It is your responsibility to top up your business cards, we will not notify you
if they run out.  
8. We are unpaid volunteers with busy business lives so we need you to help the group function by keeping in contact
by e mail rather than phone so that we can find the time for our own businesses as well as NWS x 2.
9. Any issues with WiRE or your Wire membership must be directed to WiRE not through us.  We will of course have
information over the months ahead on how to get the most from your membership.
10. Happy for people to go to both venues - we actively encourage this as you will expand your contacts greatly and
the venues are totally different.  Meetings each month will be as identical as we can make them in any one month.
11. We will not always publish what is planned for a meeting in advance.  All meeting content subject to change without
12. Do always regularly check the website for information and updates - all the meeting dates are on the site and they
change about both in day and time at each venue - so MAKE sure you know what you are booking for!!
13. Not being a WiRE member does not stop you attending NWS as often as you like.
14. We won't be e mailing to advertise meetings every month we expect members to check the website and take the
initiative to book.  You will stay on the mailing list but if you do not attend over a long period your name maybe removed
from the mailing list.
15. We do ask for a little bit of network etiquette in the sense of ask people for help but remember it is what they do for
a living so do not expect too much for free - it's not fair and it's awkward for both parties.  Also talk freely about your
business but remember pressure selling will not work in this type of environment it is all about relationships, telling
others about other members etc
16. The leaders all run full time businesses and NWS is something they do in their scant spare time without payment,
please do not expect free business assistance outside meetings.  
17. Members contact details - we will pass individual details between members so that potential clients can reach
their source.
18. We will not sell or give our members details as a complete list to any third party.
19. We reserve the right to send you newsletters and other information about events, services and other 3rd parties
we feel may be of interest to members.